Pet Sitter Assistant


Designed & Built by Professionals

Development Objectives:

  1. Create a system that required minimal effort for the pet sitter to use.
  2. Allow pet sitters the ability to run their business from anywhere.
  3. Provide the same levels of stability, reliability, and performance that are expected from applications running at Fortune 100 companies.
  4. Save my pet sitter hours of work every day.
  5. Build a system that would be easy to change and enhance.
  6. Build an application that I would be proud of and that people would enjoy using.

Immediately after college I started working in the Information Technology Department in the oil & gas industry. At that time personal workstations were no where to be found and the primary device used to work on the computer was a "green screen" (3270) terminal. In the late 70's Wang introduced a successful word processing system that gained industry acceptance until the early 80's when IBM PC's were first introduced. Since that time technology has continued to evolve, becoming easier to use and more affordable.

Throughout the following 25+ years I had an opportunity to work for several corporations, each with their own challenges and methods to overcome them. I've logged many millions of miles (most on Eastern and Delta) traveling all over the world discussing/selling/teaching various technology related topics. Several years ago, I was in a position financially and time wise that afforded me the opportunity to do something different and spend more time at home with my family and friends. It was during this time period that I offered to build a web site for my pet sitter.

While building her web site, I was able to develop an understanding of the back office requirements of the pet sitting business and started to think how technology could be applied to reduce the paperwork resulting in significant time savings. That was the beginning of this application. The application came to life for the first time in August 2002. We had a number of items to adjust over the next several months, but she was able to use the system in October 2002. The compensation module was added the following month.

The application continues to evolve. Updates are being made to the development version continually and are put into production every 3-4 weeks. We've spent significant amount of resources building an industrial strength application running on an industrial strength network. The major components are from CISCO, Microsoft, Macromedia, IBM, and others.

Many individuals have contributed in the development process providing providing resources, support, and an occassional late night pizza delivered to the office. Carol Gregory, pictured here, is one of those individuals I frequently rely on for business operations and expansion advice.

The effort spent developing, enhancing, marketing, supporting, and selling this application has been significant. The enjoyment received from talking with successful users has been phenomenal.

Please look through this web site, review the features in the application, and give us a call.

Chris Hayne
CEO, Bluewave, Inc.